Pregnancy can bring about many unwanted changes to your body and your skin. Whilst you can reap the rewards of finally becoming a new mother, your skin may be suffering and so it’s important to fit in a little ‘me time’ whenever possible as difficult as it may seem. Below, Dr Alexandrides highlights the three primary skincare problems that many new mothers face post-pregnancy, and lists the products that can treat them:

Post-pregnancy pigmentation

It’s extremely common for mothers to get melasma during pregnancy. In fact, it has been reported that up to 50% of women can be faced with the problem, with women who have olive skin more likely to experience it. Often patches of pigmentation can form on the face and darkened skin along the linea alba (the line running down the middle of your belly). Whilst the line can fade after pregnancy, applying the Space Brightening Booster which includes the brightening ingredient Kopcinol will certainly help to brighten any darkened areas of skin.

Sagging Skin

Sagging skin is more likely to occur on the stomach area, but you may also find the skin starting to sag ever so slightly on your face due to the fluctuation in weight that you may experience during pregnancy. The problem may be exacerbated depending on your age; as you age your skin starts to lose elasticity, contributing to the problem. Tighten your skin with the Celestial Black Diamond Cream which will regenerate the production of key cell-fortifying substances.

Stretch marks

The ultimate solution for stretch marks is to use the Y Theorem Repair Serum. This multi-faceted formula has the ability to repair skin cells and encourage collagen production. Infused with Calendula extract, the serum helps to heal and sooth the skin whilst the amino acids work to improve the skin’s elasticity.