autumn skincare


Autumn has officially arrived! The slight chill in the air means that our skincare priorities should lie elsewhere. Whilst summer focuses on removing excess oils and sun protection, autumn is about restoring summer’s damage and preparing your skin for the winter months. Below, Dr Alexandrides highlights the top skincare products you should be incorporating into your autumn skincare regime:

Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream

This night cream does exactly what it says on the label: helps your skin to recover and repair itself at night. It’s best to apply any creams with active ingredients at night as this is when your skin regenerates and repairs itself, allowing the ingredients to have a greater impact. This nourishing night cream will help to renew the surface layers of the skin where any sun damage may have occurred. As autumn arrives, there is less humidity in the air, so you also need to pay attention to hydration; your skin becomes less oily and the Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream will help your skin to retain moisture.

Lift Off Exfoliating Cleanser

The deep cleansing acids within this luxury cleanser will help to dissolve your dead skin cells, and renew the skin from sun damage. Over the summer your skin will have also been more prone to breakouts and dull skin due to the build-up of oil so it’s important to exfoliate to remove the excess oils, but be careful not to exfoliate too often as this will cause dry skin and irritation.

Y Theorem Repair Light Serum

This serum is perfect for an autumn skincare transition because of its lightweight consistency that is ideal for people with oily skin. Using a serum like this is essential during autumn as it eases your skin back into using a moisturiser without making it too greasy. The arbutin within the serum will brighten any sunspots or patches of pigmentation and the aminocaproic acid helps to repair your skin from free radical damage.