The eyes are the window to the soul, and more importantly an indicator to your lifestyle and your age. The skin around the eyes can be a tale-tale sign of how old someone is, and represents all those years of laughter. Whilst some wear the wrinkles around the eyes with pride, others despise them and seek for the latest skincare technology to reverse the signs of ageing. Below Dr Yannis addresses the top Q&A’s about how wrinkle formation begins around the eyes and lips:

Q: Why do wrinkles develop around the eye in the first place?

A: Eye wrinkles can develop because the skin around the eye is very delicate. It does not produce natural moisture in this area and so is more likely to crease up in a response to dryness.

The natural ageing process is responsible for creating wrinkles in this area as our collagen and elastin breaks down. In addition to this other factors and lifestyle influences can make us more prone to developing wrinkles in this area.

Q: Does sunbathing mean I will develop more wrinkles?

 A: Yes. Eye wrinkles are more likely to develop as sun exposure destroys our collagen, making the skin around the eyes even thinner. The best way to avoid this is to wear sun protection on a daily basis and wear sunglasses to avoid squinting as this repetitive motion can make the skin more prone to developing crow’s feet.

Q: How can I avoid wrinkles around the eyes?

A: Living a healthy lifestyle can help you avoid developing wrinkles around the eyes. Avoid smoking, sun damage and excessive alcohol consumption as this will damage the elastin within the skin. Always wear a UV mineral filter on a daily basis, and use the all new celestial black diamond eye and lip contour gel to tighten the skin around the eyes.