Uneven skin tone is one of the biggest skin care concerns that dermatologist and doctors contend with. Unfortunately, many people ignore the signs that they are damaging their skin through sun exposure until visible signs start to appear in the form of sunspots.

Damage caused by exposure to harmful UV rays can cause the skin to develop an uneven skin tone. This happens because the UV rays stimulate the melanin production within the skin causing areas of the skin to darken.

The best practice to avoid the development of sunspots is to use the Aqua Physics Defence Cream which will deflect the harmful rays from the skin’s surface thereby prohibiting the production of melanocytes. Unfortunately though, this is easier said than done and many still forget that sun protection should be worn on a daily basis.

If sun spots have already started to appear then it is time for targeted treatment. Ingredients that incorporate Kopcinol, Vitamin C, and exfoliating elements will be the most beneficial for the skin, and help to create a more radiant and youthful look with a more even skin tone.

Exfoliating the skin often will help to remove the surface layer of the skin and rejuvenate its appearance. The Lift Off Exfoliating Cleanser will slough away the damaged surface layer of the skin. In addition, the Space Brightening Booster will work to brighten dark spots when applied directly to the skin. The booster includes both Kopcinol, and the optimal amount of Vitamin C. If the ongoing use of these ingredients is not effective enough, you may wish to consider treatments such as Intensed Pulse Light therapy or skin peels which will encourage skin renewal and even out your skin tone.

Whilst topical application and treatments can improve the skin tone, preventing damage of the skin in the first place is key to achieving an even skin tone. Overall, you will be helping your skin’s health and vitality for the future.