Most of us lead busy lives, with not much me-time left. However, giving yourself a little me-time when you practice your skincare regime everyday will help improve your wellbeing, prevent wrinkle formation, improve circulation and remove toxins from the skin.

Below are the top tips when giving yourself a facial massage whilst using your skincare products:

Prepare the skin

1. Start by cleansing your skin with the Lift Off Purifying Cleanser. This cleanser will gently cleanse your skin whilst removing dead skin cells that clog your pores. Follow with the Daily Orbit Energising Essence which will infuse your skin with antioxidants whilst neutralising the harmful effects of pollution from a busy day on the tube. Gently pat the skin dry.

2. The next step is to apply your eye cream. Apply a small amount of Space Defence Bright Eye lift Gel to your ring fingers on each hand. Place the ring fingers of each hand in between your eyebrows and slowly start to massage the cream around the outside of the eyes. Be very gently when doing this, making small circular motions.

3. Next, apply the 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Cream and use the tips of your fingers to gently pat onto your cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and neck. Now, take your index fingers and make small circular massaging motions around your cheekbones. Ensure that the moisturiser has covered all areas of the face.

4. Finally, take the applicator and apply the cold metal end to the skin and glide along the below areas. Start on one side of your face and then follow with the other side:

a) bottom of your chin towards your ear
b) centre of your lip towards your temples
c) middle of the cheek towards your temples
d) outer corner eye to inner ete
e) top of your nose to the tip of your nose
f) top of the side of the nose to the bottom
g) start of the eyebrow towards the temple
h) centre of the forehead towards temples
i) top of the neck to collar bone
j) collar bone to top of neck