Moisturising is an essential part of any skincare regime, and dermatologists recommend using a moisturiser daily. Moisturisers are essential for keeping your skin hydrated. Finding the right moisturiser depends on your tastes, the season, but most importantly on your skincare type.

The Right Moisturiser For Your Skin

Firstly, chose a moisturiser depending on the consistency. Do you prefer a thicker moisturiser that’s intensely hydrating, or do you prefer a lighter texture for the summer? Secondly, if you can find a moisturiser that contains SPF protection or a UV mineral filter-that’s even better. Using a daily moisturiser with added UV mineral filter will not only keep your skin looking young, but means you won’t have to worry about applying UV protection every day. The Aqua Physics Defence Cream can protect you from the sun's harmful rays whilst helping the skin to maintain its optimal moisture level. This moisturiser can be used day and night, and contains Retinol which is particularly beneficial for anti-ageing purposes and breakouts. 

If you have combination skin and your skin goes through phases of dry and oily then the Space Anti Age Day Emulsion will be perfect for you. The lightweight texture is perfect for the summer months, yet is hydrating enough for drier areas. A lighter based moisturiser will work wonders for acne-prone skin and can help you avoid breakouts- use in conjunction with the Ground Control Anti-Blemish Tonic.

For those that have particularly dry skin, opt for a moisturiser which contains alpha hydroxyl acids such as the Space Anti Age Night Renewal Cream. The rich moisturiser can be used every few days to encourage cell renewal to reveal a more replenished complexion.

You might find that your skin type is sensitive, in which case finding the right moisturiser may be a case of trial and error. Keep note of the ingredients in the products you test which may help to narrow down any ingredients which are causing irritation. In addition, you may wish to try organic products which contain purely natural ingredients.

Any moisturisers that are causing irritation should be avoided.