How 111SKIN all started

The 111SKIN line first started with Dr Alexandrides in collaboration with space scientists.

With a vast amount of experience in facial reconstructive surgery, Dr Alexandrides understood the skin healing and rejuvenation process, observing all stages of the process and was therefore able to create an unrivalled brand with products that work as an effective anti-ageing solution, and products that really work post-surgery.

The 111SKIN line has been tested in extreme and demanding situations and environments including: after surgery, post-laser treatments, and on scars and burns and has had a high success rate in speeding up the recovery process. Not to mention, the NAC formula followed on from Space Research and a team that developed new sources of collagen for medical and cosmetic purposes.

The product that started it all

Our anti-ageing best seller ‘Y Theorem Repair Serum’ evolved from the original ‘Dramatic Healing Serum’. Before the 111SKIN care line was created, the Dramatic Healing Serum was given to patients post-surgery due to complaints about skin sensitivity. Patients wanted a product that would encourage the healing process and weren’t too harsh on their sensitive skin like other products. Soon after, demand for this product became excessive, with patients reporting dramatic healing results with added anti-ageing benefits.

The Y Theorem Repair Serum

This highly concentrated serum supports cell regeneration and boosts collagen levels. It’s the perfect accompanying post-surgery product as it contains ingredients that help to heal and repair the skin.

Calendula Extract heals the skin and provides a cooling sensation. In addition the aminocaproic acid which heals, prevents scarring, and calms the skin.

Included within all our products is the vital formula NAC Y² which stimulates the skin’s ability to repair itself.

How can NAC Y² help me heal?

The way that NAC Y² works, is by stimulating the body’s most powerful antioxidant-Glutathione. This is the body’s most needed antioxidant and preserves and protects the cells from damage whilst encouraging cell regeneration.