The Shelf Life Of Your Skincare Products

Taking care of your skin is an important factor within your overall health. However, many people buy their skincare products soon forgetting that the ingredients within these products have a shelf life and so it’s important to understand a product's ingredients and how long they can be stored for.

The 111SKIN product line doesn’t contain any parabens or preservatives and so unlike other formulations, the products may be degraded by air, bacteria and exposure to sunlight and heat. As these factors gradually effect the product, the efficiency of the ingredients starts to degrade, and when you use products that are past their best, they may start to cause the exact problems that you initially bought the product for. Ingredients that may be considerably more vulnerable to losing their efficiency include:

Glycolic acid
Vit C & E
Any plant extracts

You can find our ingredient list here.

It can be difficult to identify when to toss out your skincare products, as only over-the-counter prescription skincare products such as anti-acne products or sunscreens have an official out-of-date sticker. Below, 111SKIN list the tale-tale signs to help you identify any products that should be thrown away:

Bad Odours
Deterioration of packaging
A change in texture

Skincare products should really be used within a year, and any facial moisturisers or serums within 6 months to 1 year.

In order to prolong the shell life of your products as much as possible it is advised to store the products in a cool dry place such as a cabinet or a drawer. Always tighten the cap of a product as much as possible after use to ensure that the product is kept sealed air tight. It is particularly important to get rid of any products if you’ve suffered from an eye infection and are using them near the eye or any other irritations.