Historically, summer only just started a few weeks ago on the 21st June so you still have time to prep your skin to get that summer glow! The summer is the opportune time the refresh your skincare regime, as you should do every season.

The various seasons bring around diverse temperatures and weather conditions. Whilst the winter is cold and dries out your skin, the summer is hot making your skin oily and more prone to breakouts.

So…what does your skin need for the summer months?


Long days spent in the summer sun can dry out and damage your skin, making it look dull and tired. During the warm summer nights, use the Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream to wake up to more youthful looking skin. The creamy texture will hydrate and repair your skin, encouraging cell renewal.

Sun Protection

The advanced complex with the Aqua Physics Defence Cream can deflect the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting your skin from sun damage and photo ageing.

Brightening Ingredients

When summer starts to end, tans start to fade and sun damage starts to show, so at this point it’s really important to be using brightening ingredients. However, to get that summer glow all season you can top up your glow with a skin brightening booster. Add a few drops of the 111SKIN Space Brightening Booster to your moisturiser which will help to treat dark spots and even out your complexion.


Ensuring that your skin is rid of impurities, clogged pores, and dead skin cells will allow your sun protection to absorb more effectively. Exfoliating will slough off your dead skin to reveal a glowing complexion.


Throughout the summer, temperatures may raise causing the skin to produce sweat. As the skin sweats it produces excess oil and clogs your pores forming unwanted breakouts. To avoid this, use the 111SKIN Ground Control Anti-Blemish Tonic that is designed to eliminate breakouts before they get the chance to surface. The soothing formula will help to remove excess oil from the skin.