Suffering from a fear of flying is common among many of us. 6 hours in, and you may have just started to feel a little calmer. Despite the airlines best efforts, many in-flight entertainment systems don’t quite make up for the number of problems and thoughts that plague us during a long haul flight.

The process of flying doesn’t have to be so intolerable! 111SKIN have designed a guide to help you have a turbulent free journey and ensure the journey is a smooth as possible. The below tips and recommendations are designed by Dr Alexandrides to help you look and feel your most happiest, energised and relaxed during your flight:

Fear Of Flying

At the top of the worry list when it comes to flying in addition to “have I got my passport?” is the pre-flight nerves. It’s not uncommon to have jitters before the flight and it is about overcoming these nerves so that you can look forward to the end destination. Think of flying as a means to an end. Whilst the journey may be long, uncomfortable, and nerve wracking, if you keep reminding yourself the reason behind the travel and think of all the positive things related to arriving at the destination. You may also want to try breathing exercises and some calming tablets.

Lack Of Skincare

A long haul flight is the perfect excuse to practice your skincare regime and will help overcome boredom as well as ensuring your skin is looking radiant and glowing when you enter the arrivals lounge.

Due to the pressurised air in the cabin, it’s very likely that your skin will start to dry out, become sensitive and look dull. Keeping a travel sized collection of skincare products will ensure that your skin stays refreshed and hydrated.

Within the 111SKIN Jet-Set Collection there are plenty of items to keep you entertained. The Bio Cellulose Mask can be applied during your flight and will lock in lost moisture.

Jet Lag

Not only can jet lag leave you feeling exhausted and fatigued, but it can also leave your skin looking lifeless. Try to make sure you get some sleep during your flight and prep your skin beforehand. First apply the Y Theorem Repair Serum to help heal your skin as you sleep, followed by the Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream. Once you wake up apply a small amount of the Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel to revive and brighten puffy eyes.


Dehydration is extremely common during flights. Whether you are travelling a short distance, or going the long haul it’s essential to stay hydrated. Do not be afraid to ask for water refills and aim to drink at least ½ litre for every hour that you are on the flight. It may leave you needing to go to the loo more often, but regular trips to the bathroom will also ensure that you are getting circulation through your legs in order to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis.

If it’s your skin that’s suffering from dehydration, top up your moisture with the Space Anti Age Day Cream. The vitamin complex will strengthen, plump, revitalise, and keep the skin nourished.