Hitting the gym give us a boost to our self-esteem and can make us feel good about ourselves physical and mentally. However, the process of exercising can leave us with more than a few embarrassing skincare problems. 

Whilst working out can have some beneficial effects for the skin such as boosting your circulation and flushing away free radicals, other factors can create skin related problems.

Skin problems from working out can be caused by a number of things: skin type, allergies, type of clothing and the weather can all influence the type of skin problem we’re faced with. As a result, we can be embarrassed by red faces and flushing, oily skin, hives, and sensitivity.

The below tips from Dr Alexandrides are designed to reap the benefits post-workout and enjoy your radiant glowing skin:

Remove the perspiration

Exercise means sweat. Sweat means oil production, and oil production means breakouts. As you sweat, the oils will drip down your face and clog your pores. If you’re wearing tight fitting clothing, it will seal in the sweat, increasing your chances of breakouts in other areas such as the back. To avoid this, use a toner after your workout that will reduce the production of excess oils and has an antibacterial effect.

Get the after glow

Some women who suffer from rosacea can experience episodes of flushing when they workout. Sucking on ice cubes post-workout will help to regulate your body temperature, and eventually the redness will subside.

Often those with sensitive skin will find that their skin also flares up due to the combination of heat and sweat which causes irritation. Sloughing off dead skin cells and sweat will help you to reap the after workout glow. However, if your skin is sensitive, use a gentle cleanser that will dissolve the skin cells as opposed to scratching them off. The 111SKIN Lift Off Exfoliating Cleanser will improve cell turnover to reveal a radiant complexion. In addition if you are suffering from hives or itchiness, take an oral antihistamine before working out.