With the rise of the heterosexual male, it’s now becoming ever more important for men to create an effective skincare routine. Men’s skin is 20-30% thicker than women’s and therefore less sensitive. However, the irritation that shaving causes can be the root for a number of their skincare problems. Whether you’re a male and are reading this, or a woman looking to by her spouse some great products for their first skincare set, 111SKIN have got you covered!


For some men, washing their face with soap and water and a quick shave is as far as their skincare routine extends. Soap bars can be very dry and irritating to the skin, especially if you don’t use a moisturiser as well. A Purifying Cleanser will benefit the skin by removing the impurities of the day and removing dead skin cells.


As a result of the testosterone, men’s skin tends to be considerably oilier than women’s. The Anti-Blemish Tonic contains salicylic acid which will reduce the production of excess oil. With a powerful antioxidant effect, the tonic will reduce inflammation and stimulate skin renewal.


Exposure to the sun and UV damage is dangerous to anyone. The Aqua Physics Defence Cream will keep the skin hydrated, whilst protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays.