The skin is attacked by as many as 100,000 free radicals on a daily basis. Exposure to free radicals can be detrimental the skin, causing a process of oxidation. This process hinders the skins natural ability to repair itself when faced with the stresses of everyday life.

Every day we come into contact with environmental elements and lifestyle factors that are damaging to the skin. When the skin is damaged, it flaws the skin with things like pigmentation, age spots, wrinkles, sagging and scarring.

What's damaging my skin?

As we go about our daily lives, our face can come into many damaging elements that can sometimes be unavoidable including:

Sun Exposure
Toxic Chemicals and Radiation
Changing weather variations

Ageing is inevitable, and your skin will start to age no matter what. Unfortunately, free radicals are everywhere. There are some that we can’t control but there are other primary offenders that we can try to avoid. For example, it’s a simple step to take preventative measures against UV damage, and exposing ourselves to toxic fumes by way of smoking.

Avoiding free radicals

It’s near impossible to avoid free radicals, but in order to live a healthier lifestyle, preserve skin and ensure life longevity, there are a few things you can do:

Protect yourself from harmful rays, and boost your dose of antioxidants with the Aqua Physics Defence Cream. The moisturiser contains the essential free radical fighting antioxidant Vitamin E and a mineral defence filter.

Eat Well
Aim for organic, carcinogenic free foods, with no additives or preservatives. Ideally, if it has not grown from the ground, or is not an animal then try to avoid it.

Avoid Chemicals
Toxic chemicals include solvents such as glue, petrol and smoke to name a few.

Avoid Pollution
If you live in the city this may not always be possible, but try to limit your intake of toxic fumes by keeping your windows closed if you are in a car.


Repairing the skin after a day exposed to free radicals is essential to any anti-ageing skincare regime. The older you get, the more free radicals you will have been exposed to, and the more your skin will age. Using skincare products that will give your skin what it needs to heal is critical to the skincare routine. Dr Alexandrides recommends the Y Theorem Repair Serum that contains the potent skin healing formula NAC Y2, which will support cell regeneration. The formula contains a trio of peptides and antioxidants that will stimulate the skin’s natural repair system.