Having an effective skincare regime with the essential ingredients is vital for anti-ageing, and maintaining a healthy summer glow.

Last week, I tested out the 111SKIN Micropen Facial which is the ultimate treatment to have before your summer holiday.

The 111SKIN Micropen Facial works by stimulating collagen production through the use of a micro-pen which glides over the skin to create tiny punctures in the skin’s surface. For any problem areas, a deeper penetration is required. For example, I have a few patches of pigmentation on one side of my cheek and so I was advised that a deeper penetration in this area will be more beneficial.

The skin reacts as though it were injured and encourages the healing process. In addition, the skin resurfaces itself to leave behind a fresh and rejuvenated canvas, and creating a healthy glow ready for summer (SPF use is essential post-treatment).

The treatment started with the Micropen and I was a little nervous about the thought of needles on my skin. However, after having numbing cream generously applied on my skin, I didn’t feel any pain at all. There was minimal discomfort with only a slight sensation on the end of my nose.

After the treatment, the skin exudes heat and so a refreshing cooling Bio Cellulose Mask is applied. Following on, the Y Theorem Repair Serum is applied to my face to help encourage recovery. Last but not least, I enjoy and indulgent facial massage with the Celestial Black Diamond Cream.

The pampering and indulgent treatment left me feeling utterly revitalised and makes a great addition to my skincare regime. For optimal results, I will be having the treatment twice a year, and prior to any special occasion I have to attend.


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