As we age, we spend more and more on face creams looking for the terms ‘retinol’ or ‘collagen’ to restore the volume loss and plump out our fine line wrinkles. If you're not sure how the ingredients we use impact the skin, or how the ingredients works with our skin in order to be effective, then keep reading...

Below, 111SKIN highlight the essential ingredients you need in your skincare regime and explain how they can make a difference:

Sun Protection

It’s been thoroughly ingrained that sun protection is something that we should be using not just when we go abroad, but on a daily basis. Our skin is exposed to free radicals and harmful UV rays throughout the day, which can encourage accelerated ageing. In order to prevent this, it starts with UV protection. Dr Alexandrides recommends a mineral UV filter which will deflect the sun and instantly protect you from harmful UV rays.


Antioxidants go hand in hand with UV protection as they work together to prevent free radical damage. Free radicals can be introduced to the body through environmental factors such as pollution and sun, or through internal factors such as smoking and stress. Too much exposure to free radicals start to destroy the cells in your body and skin, leading to ageing and disease. In order to prevent this damage, antioxidants can be introduced topically to effectively deliver their benefits. Try the Space Anti Age Day Emulsion which is full of free radical fighting antioxidants.


Retinol is essentially just Vitamin A. It’s one of the only vitamins that the body cannot produce naturally and is vital to the skin’s health. Ongoing use of Retinol has been scientifically proven to stimulate cell turnover, eliminate wrinkles, and give your skin more radiance.

Growth Factors And Peptides

Topical growth factors help to support the skin’s support system and encourage the production of collagen and elastin. Due to its cell communicating ability, peptides are able to help the skin to repair itself.

There is not one product that will be the miracle cream to solve all our anti-ageing woes, but using a cocktail of skincare ingredients is our best chance we have at maintaining our skin’s youth. It takes a mix of anti-ageing ingredients for skin to look its most radiant and healthy.