Take one look at someone’s face and you may not guess their age first time. Take a look at their hands and you’re probably on the right track. If the eyes are the window to the sole, then the hands are undoubtedly the mirror of your age. The hands can quickly give away your age if they have been neglected as they all too often are.

People think that they have exhausted the perfect skincare regimen, but can forget to extend the same routine to their necks and hands. Similarly to the effects of ageing on the face, the hands will also be prone to loss of collagen and elasticity, resulting in sagging and loss of volume.

There is little that can turn back the hands of time once the damage has already been done, but you can help stop the clock before it’s too late. To help prevent accelerated ageing, it starts with protection. You can help to prevent photo ageing by using a UV mineral filter which will protect you from early signs of ageing and sun spots on the hands, which will often be associated with old age.

Applying 111Skin’s potent NACY2 formula to your face, décolletage and hands will rejuvenate the skin and help to restore volume, prevent wrinkles and protect the skin from further environmental damage.  The formula was based on the original ingredients tested by astronauts faced with extreme environmental pressure and radiation.

To repair your skin after the damage that has been caused throughout the day, use the Y Theorem Repair Serum as this supports cell regeneration and repairs the skin.