Becoming stressed is not only detrimental to our mental health but can also affect our skin. The psyche and the skin are intimately connected and when we become stressed, the skin can react in a number of unpleasant ways. Stress can cause: acne, hives, eczema, dry skin among other things. Even the most relaxed individuals can get stressed at some times, but with a few tips, we can help to address and overcome these skin problems:

The Problem:


When we become stressed, the body releases the stress hormone cortisol which can lead to breakouts and ageing. The consequences of elevated cortisol are skin ageing and wrinkling caused by dehydration and a decrease in collagen production. Those who have desk jobs are even more prone to breakouts as they are constantly touching their face and spreading the bacteria. Stress also triggers an influx of androgens such as testosterone which is responsible for oil production. This can result in blocked pores which makes acne easier to form.


Too much sebum can clog the pores and so products that contain salicylic acid and no oil such as the Ground Control Anti Blemish Tonic will help to remove excess oil and control the bacteria. It’s important to understand that there may be other factors that have caused a breakout such as skin irritation. Try to keep your skincare regimen simple that focus on your skincare needs. Select products that will be soothing and calming to the skin.


Whilst eczema can be caused by genetics, or coming into contact with an irritant such as the sun or harsh solutions, stress can also aggravate the skin leading to dry, itchy patches on the skin.


If the case of eczema is quite serious and doctors feel it could be stress related, you may be prescribed topical corticosteroids or antihistamines that will reduce the inflammation. In addition, you can find dermatological e45 cream in most drug stores which will help to soothe dry skin.


Hives can crop up when you are stressed or if you are exposed to hot temperatures or there has been some kind of reaction or irritation to something.


With hives, the rash can disappear once you have got to the root of the problem. If it is stress related, the redness will subside once you have calmed down. You can also get over the counter antihistamines which will help to control the problem.