Whilst the quarter life crisis is normally associated with our personal issues and lifestyle changes, the pattern of partying, lack of sleep and stressed caused by the unknown future can cause a quarter life complexion crisis.

Being in your twenties to thirties, you would hope that your skin would retain its youth for just a little longer. Sadly, many of us find our skin ageing faster than we do and with the prevalence of social media, we are becoming more self-obsessed than ever. No longer do we possess collagen filled plumps cheeks. Now, we are seeing signs of sunspots, acne, dry skin and dullness.

Women are now so self- aware and concerned with selfie-ready skin that they may be using thick primers that contain silicone and block the skin and pores, resulting in breakouts, particularly if the makeup is not removed with a cleanser and toner. In addition to this, often in your twenties women move to the city and seem unaware as to what is causing a change in skin. Although women are more concerned with using SPF products than before, they are forgetting to use antioxidants that well help protect against free radicals within urban areas.

Using Antioxidants and cleansing at night is key. Dr Alexandrides recommends cleansing first, followed by the Space Antioxidant Booster (mixed with moisturiser) which prevents premature signs of ageing. During sleep, the skin regenerates itself and allows any potent ingredients to penetrate the skin deeper. You can also mix the Antioxidant Booster in with your daily moisturiser as it protects the vitality of the skin by creating a defence barrier against daily pollution.