No doubt that you have spent a lot of time establishing a good quality skincare regime. Working out your skin type and which products effectively target your skin concerns. No doubt you love your skin products but there is a chance you could be sabotaging their effectiveness without even realising it. Whether it’s the way you apply your products, the order you apply them in or where you store them, we’re all guilty of making some beauty mistakes. Luckily they can be easily corrected, just follow our guide below.

Don’t Skimp On Product

When you love a product, the chances are you want it to last as long as possible so you use the bare minimum you think you need. However if you’re not using the recommended amount that your skin isn’t getting all the benefits. The product may not last as long as you want it to, but by using the proper amount you’ll see the results you want. Yet don’t go to the other end of the spectrum and over apply. Your skin can only absorb so much product, and by over applying you are wasting your beloved cream or serum. Plus it could block pores and lead to an increased chance of breakouts.

Apply Products In The Right Order

The way you apply your products is just as important as the product themselves. Think about the different consistencies, formulations and textures. You should start with your thinnest consistency product with the highest level of active ingredients first, such as serums, and finish with thicker richer products, like moisturisers. Anything with oil or lanolin as an ingredient should be applied near the end.

Use The Right Application Techniques

Certain products need to be applied correctly in order to reap their full benefits. You should apply your moisturisers from the bottom-up as this motion will help with the lifting and firming of the skin. When it comes to eye care products you need to take a soft and gentle approach. Use your ring finger to apply a rice-sized amount of product to the orbital eye area, the ring finger has the lightest pressure.

Don’t Mix Too Many Active Ingredients

Heavy duty active ingredients like Vitamin C and Retinol can work wonders for the skin, but they don’t always work well together. Ideally you shouldn’t mix brands but if you do you need to, watch out for the ingredients as some active ingredients will cancel each other out and cause irritation. For example, if you’re using an exfoliant with glycolic acid then you shouldn’t use a retinol on top of that, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The Right Storage

Active ingredients oxidize so it’s important that you store them correctly. If you have dropper style products then you may notice they usually come in dark coloured bottles, this is to protect the actives but to be on the safe side you should also keep the products out of direct sunlight. Make sure you close the lids tightly as well, as the process of oxygenation happens very quickly and you don’t want your products to be ruined.