Late nights, a high-sodium diet and a lack of sleep can all lead to tired, puffy eyes and a sallow complexion. Make-up can help cover this when you’re in a hurry but you could also try these quick, time-saving methods to improve the overall look of your skin.

When you wake up with puffy eyes and need a quick fix try a cold compress for ten minutes. Anything cold will work, whether its cotton wool pads soaked in ice cold water and placed over the eyes or a bag of ice cubes. Cucumber slices are a popular choice for puffy eyes, but it’s the cold temperature that helps rather than any specific ingredients. Coldness is known to constrict blood vessels which reduces the flow of fluid into the soft tissues. We recommend cotton wool pads or washcloths, rather than cucumber slices though as some food can contain bacteria which may cause an eye infection. This also applies to teabags or potato slices, which are also popular choices.
However cold compresses are only effective on under eye puffiness which is not usually there. Unfortunately there is no cure for chronic puffiness, under eye bags or fatty tissue beneath the eyes apart from cosmetic surgery. If you press your under eye and it bounces back then it is fatty tissue.

Another, long term solution is to use an eye cream. This is beneficial even if you don’t suffer from under-eye puffiness, as the skin around the eyes is very delicate and prone to show the signs of ageing earlier than other areas. The Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel is soothing gel designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten dark circles and minimise puffiness. It is formulated with caffeine which has been shown to be a beneficial ingredient in eye care products. Like cold temperature, caffeine constricts the blood vessels under the skin, thereby reducing the puffiness. Another study has also indicated that topical caffeine application may protect the skin from sun damage and skin cancer by blocking UVB rays, as sun damage can cause pigmentation under the eyes resulting in dark circles.

You should use the Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel twice a day, in the morning and evening. Pump a rice size amount and, using your ring, apply a dot to your inner eye, middle eye and outer eye gently massage around the eye contour to properly dispense the cream, this will also increase blood flow and allow for better product absorption.