We all want to get the best from our skincare, so we pick the products which are best suited to our skin types and those which will effectively target our skin concerns, whether that’s dryness, dullness or break outs. However sometimes despite your best efforts, your skincare doesn’t seem to have quite the impact you thought it would. This where our Booster come in, potent super-concentrated formula applied directly to the skin or mixed with moisturiser and enhance the effectiveness of skincare.

Our trio of boosters allows skincare routines to be completely personalised, depending on a person’s changing lifestyle or environment. Pure, concentrated formulas also accelerate results and make other skincare products work harder. But which booster is the right one for you?

Space Aqua Booster
This ultra-hydrating concentrate consists of two scientifically proven complexes to provide an instant aqua boost to revive dry skin. It is formulated with Lactil, which instantly replenishes lost moisture by mimicking the skin’s Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF), and a hyaluronic acid complex which increases skin’s hydration levels by up to 30% in three hours. It’s perfect for skin post-winter when it may have lost moisture due to the cold, dry weather, but is also handy for those who travel regularly and have to deal with changing climates.

Space Antioxidant Booster
This supercharged formula provides an extra boost of vital antioxidants to enhance the skin’s health and protect against environmental aggressors. The oil free formula has been created with vitamin C, to protect the vitality of the cells by creating a defence barrier against daily pollution, and flavonoid-rich grape seed extract, the most powerful plant-derived antioxidant combining skin-protecting compounds like Resveratrol, Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid. It is great for those with dull, tired skin which needs a health boost.

Space Brightening Booster
This powerful concentrate of radiance boosting ingredients helps to even and brighten the complexion. The oil-free formula contains kopcinol to help fade dark spots and prevent the formation of melanin, glutathione to protect cells against future pigmentation and vitamin C to brighten the complexion. Combined with your regular night cream, the Space Brightening Booster will create your own personalised brightening routine.