“For better or for worse”, we exchange these vows knowing that in many cases we will have to put up with a monster mother-in-law until “death do us part”. You’ve won your hubby over and now it’s time to win the mother-in-law over, and that’s why we’ve created the perfect gift guide that will be sure to impress even the bitterest of monsters.

1) Sentimental scents


Sentimental gifts show you’ve gone to a lot of effort, and even an ice queen can’t turn her nose up at a personal and heartfelt gift. Get to know her stories and choose a nostalgic perfume or fragrance that reminds her of her past before you came along and ruined her idea of the future for her beloved son.


2) Celestial Creams

Does your monster-in-law scorn you with her evil eyes? This powerful Eye Cream Duo will brighten the complexion and target fine lines and wrinkles. Using the ingredient- Argireline, her facial muscles will contract with less force, so even when she’s frowning you won’t be able to tell. Whilst your mother-in-law will see it as the ultimate skincare indulgence, you can keep the real reason you bought it a secret.


3) Calming Candles

Is your mother-in-law manic? Do not fear. You can induce a relaxing night’s sleep with a scented candle. Look for the scents: vanilla, chamomile, lavender or jasmine.