When it comes to your skin you should really aim to use the best products you can. However did you know that even if you’re using the right products for your skin type, concern and age, applying them in the wrong way could negate some of their benefits? It’s not only the order that you apply your products in, but the way that you apply them to your skin that’s important.

Have you noticed how amazing your skin looks after a facial? One reason for this is the hour long massage that comes as part of the package. Facial massage can work wonders on tired, ageing skin and can help to lift and firm or calm and soothe. You don’t need a specialist every time you want reap the benefits of massage though, there are tips and tricks you can use at home to replenish your complexion.

Sagging Skin: Your facial muscles are arranged diagonally in line with your cheekbones, so massage your face with long, diagonal, upward strokes to engage them. Contrary to belief, massaging in circle will only pull at the skin without engaging the muscles.

Puffiness: If you wake up with puffy skin then opt for light, tapping motions. This will stimulate the lympathic drainage system to get rid of excess fluid, work towards your ears where the lymph nodes are located to flush it all out. If you have puffy eyes you can also replicate this technique, but make sure to use a light pressure on this delicate area.

Neck: Your neck needs just as much, if not more, TLC as your face. The skin is thin and is always exposed to the elements, yet we often forget to apply our anti-ageing creams, serums and SPF’s here. All the products you use on your face can be extending down to treat the neck as well, massage in downward motions to get rid of excess fluid there.

Eyes: Upper eyelid sagging is common as we age and it can make you look tired and drawn. Pinching along your brows stops the eyelid from sagging and lifts the appearance of your brows. If you suffer with under eye bags make sure you apply your eye cream from the inner corner out, if you do it the wrong way round it may make the bags worse.