When there are so many skincare products out there it can be difficult to work out which ones you need to incorporate into your routine and which others are just added, extra luxuries that you enjoy using. Serums are one of these products. Do I really need one? Which one should I use? Is it a replacement product or an added extra? These are all common questions, so we’ve put together all the answers for you below.

Serums are light, fast-absorbing liquids with higher levels of active ingredients. They are formulated with smaller molecules than a moisturiser so they can penetrate deeper into your skin. However just because they have higher levels of active ingredients, like antioxidants, does not mean you can just stop using your current facial moisturiser. Serums don’t contain traditional emollients or thickeners, like glycerin or lanolin, which are the ingredients used to create the lotion or cream like textures of moisturisers. Likewise, most serums won’t contain SPF but your daytime moisturiser probably does, and this is important because it protects your skin from premature ageing caused by UV rays.

You should really consider using a serum and a facial moisturiser, especially in the evening, in the order to get the best from your skin. However, you only need to use each product sparingly in order to achieve these results. After cleansing and toning each evening, apply your serum all over the face and neck and allow three to five minutes for absorption. The serum you choose will depend on your skin needs and many are formulated to tackle common problems like dehydration, dryness or dullness. Our Y Theorem Repair Serum instantly hydrates and plumps the skin to reduce fine lines while the Celestial Black Diamond Serum is formulated with black diamond crystals to target ageing deep within the dermis. Follow your serum with a pea-sized amount your favourite day or night cream, you can always apply more cream if your skin still feels dehydrates but give it some time to absorb. By applying both products you ensure you’re the deeper layers of the skin are cared for, with the active ingredients in the serum, and the top layers are protected, with the emollient ingredients in the moisturiser.


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