In order to get the best from your skincare routine it's important to pick products which suit your skin and your needs. In order to do this most people pick a skincare routine tailored to their skincare type, age or sometimes both. However sometimes you have more than one skin problem you want to treat, or the products which are suitable for you skin don't target your main skin concern. We understand how frustrating this can be, which is why we have created this brand new range of Space Boosters. Targeted at three common skin problems, all you have to do is add a couple of drops of your chosen booster to your current moisturising product, to activate the benefits and create your own personalised routine. Plus you don't only have to stick to one booster, if you need a brightening and hydration boost you can combine both of them together, or use each one to spot treat specific areas. 

 If you're thinking about purchasing one of the Boosters but are unsure which one is for you, read our handy guide below.

Space Antioxidant Booster

This concentrated formula provides an extra boost of vital antioxidants to enhance the skin's health and protect against extreme environmental exposure. Antioxidants are vital for ealthy, youthful skin as they protect against the harmful affects of free radicals, highly unstable molecules which damage the skin and speed up the ageing process. This oil-free solution contains Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant which creates a defence barrier for your skin and protects the vitality of cells, and flavanoid rich Grape Seed Extract, which is the most powerful plant-derived antioxidant. While the 111SKIN range is already rich is antioxidants, adding this booster to your regime will enhance your skin's natural protective shield against environmental aggressor. It is a great addition to any skincare routine, but particularly for those who spend a lot of time outdoors or in the city, where there are high levels of pollution and, therefore, high levels of damaging free radicals. You can apply the Space Antioxidant Booster direct to the skin, or combine 1-2 drops with your current moisturiser. You can combine it with any moisturiser, but it does work well with the Space Anti-Age Day Cream or the Aqua Physics Defence Cream 

Space Aqua Booster

An ultra-hydrating complex consisting of two scientifically proven complexes which provides an instant aqua boost to replenish and revive dry skin. The oil-free formula contains Lactil, which replaces lost moisture by mimicking the skin's natural moisturising factors, and a hyaluronic acid complex which has been proven to raise skin's hydration levels by up to 30% in just three hours. The Booster also contains Vitamin E, to protect the skin and reduce water loss. This is the perfect booster for those who suffer with dry skin, and you can harness the benefits of the booster by adding 1-2 drops to your current moisturiser. However it's also great to incorporate into your routine in dry months, where the weather naturally makes your skin feel drier and tighter. If you travel regularly why not take the Space Aqua Booster with you to help your skin cope with the change in humidity and seasons, and ensure that you maintain optimum moisture levels.You can add the Aqua Booster to any moisturising product, but it works well with the Space Anti-Age Day Emulsion and the Aqua Physics Defence Cream. It can also be combined with your current eye cream, and you only need a very small amount to instantly hydrate the skin. 

Space Brightening Booster

A concentrated blend of powerful radiance boosting ingredients to brighten and even skin tone for a bright, luminous glow. This oil-free formula contains effective brightening ingredients including kopcinol, to fade dark spots and prevent the formation of melanin, and gultathione to protect the cells against future pigmentation. If your complexion is dull and lack-lustre, or you suffer from uneven skin tone or pigmented marks, then the Space Brightening Booster is perfect for you. Simply add 1-2 drops of the booster to you current night time moisturiser to create your own personalised brightening routine. It can be combined with any moisturising product, but works well with the Daily Orbit Energising Essence and the Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream . When using this booster it's important to make sure you wear sunscreen everyday. 

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