It seems like a simple, straight-forward task, one which we would hardly need a guide for but it turns that there is a right way to cleanse your face – and there is a wrong way. Whatever you may think cleansing is more than just picking the right facewash for your skin type, applying it with a bit of warm water and hoping for the best. No there’s far more to it than that. Even though you may have invested in some great skincare products which will do wonders for your skin, you're ruining all your hard work by making simple cleansing mistakes. If you want your skin to truly reap the benefits of great active ingredients then follow our simple cleansing guide below.

Wash Your Hands
You may think this seems like a pointless step given that you are about rub cleanser all over your hands and face, but think about where your hands have been throughout the day. Before you begin cleansing always wash your hands with warm water and soap, otherwise you’ll just end up spreading dirt and germs from your hands over your face.

Remove All Your Make-Up
Be gentle it comes to removing eye make-up, as the skin around the eyes is much thinner than on the rest of your face and is much more prone to damage. Too much vigorous rubbing could make you more prone to develop puffy eye and fine lines, so instead use gentle sweeping motions. Don’t try to wash around your mascara because all make-up travels while you are asleep. Mascara can easily flake off and small particles can still clog your pores.

The First Cleanse
Double cleansing is the way forward, especially in the evening when you not only have make-up remove but a day’s worth of dirt, germs and impurities to rid your skin of. Always use warm water to cleanse your skin, have the temperature too high and it will strip your skin of moisture and leave it feeling dry and tight. Warm water will be enough to loosen dirt ad excess oil from your face. For your first cleanse try our Lift Off Purifying Cleanser, it contains hydrating ingredients, fights free radicals and gently removes dead skin cells which block pores.

The Second Cleanse
Although we have always been taught that too many products will irritate our face, if you pick the right cleansers then double-cleansing will not prove a problem for your skin. Toners make an ideal second cleanser, just make sure that you use one which won’t strip further moisture from your skin. Although there is debate about whether you really need a toner, they help to complete your cleansing process and ensure your skin is completely free on any dirt, grime or pollution which might be lingering in your pores. Our Daily Orbit Energising Essence contains revitalizing ingredients to gently purify the skin and to stimulate cell renewal.

A Dry Clean Towel
The skin on your face is much more delicate than on your body, so make sure gently pat in dry rather than rubbing at it. Try to use a nice, soft towel as well as harsh, scratchy material will only irritate the skin and make it feel uncomfortable. It’s also very important that you use a clean towel, and keep this one aside just for your face. Don’t use the same towel that you would use to dry your hair, body or hands as they may have pore-clogging residue from your shower products still on them.

Apply Moisturiser
The final step in your cleansing routine is to use products which will restore and seal moisture back into your skin. If you suffer from very dry skin then you may wish to consider using a serum, like our Y Theorem Repair Serum, before your usual night time moisturiser. Serums have smaller particles so the active ingredients can be transported deeper into the skin, and many serums are also targeted to deal with specific skin issues like dullness or ageing. Whether you choose serum, moisturiser or both, apply your hydrating product straight after patting your face dry. Every second your dry skin is bare then the air is sucking moisture from it. To combat this apply your serum within one minute of drying off.

A Final Top Tip
Take time with your cleansing routine, and your skin will see the benefits. If you rush through your cleansing routine in five minutes flat so you can jump straight into bed then you’re skins not getting the goodness of all the wonderful products you’ve used. If you apply cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser one after the other with no time in between the ingredients don’t have time to sink into your skin, instead they become jumbled up together on the surface. Give your serum five minutes to sink in before you apply your night cream. Finally if it’s your face you want to be moisturised – and not your pillowcases – give your night cream ten minutes to sink in before you go to bed.  

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