Taking the time to incorporate regular exercise into your routine makes you feel (and look) great. Whether it’s swimming, going for a run or taking a yoga class, whatever exercise you prefer is definitely better than doing none at all. Apart from being good for your general health and reducing your risk of diseases, you skin also reaps the benefits when you exercise. It increases blood flow which helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital, blood flow also helps to carry away waste products from the skin like free radicals. Exercise also helps to reduce stress, which has been shown to improve conditions like acne and eczema. But there’s also a whole host of things in your workout which could be ruining your skin. Although these mistakes are common, luckily for you they’ll easily remedied.

Wearing Make-Up
Going to the gym bare-faced can be a difficult thing. You probably already feel self-conscious enough in your workout gear, sweating all the over the place in a crowded room let alone baring your make-up free face for all to see. It can feel particularly nerve-wracking if you suffering from a breakout, but honestly going make-up free will do your skin many more favours than concealer ever could. Your pores open up when you sweat, but if you wear heavy foundation, concealer or powder then this could contribute to blocked pores and lead to breakouts. Plus there’s no point wearing lighter options as they will only slide right off your face once your begin to sweat. Instead make sure you remove all your make-up before you begin your workout, try a gentle cleanser like the Lift Off Purifying Cleanser.

Hair Products
When you sweat it can cause residue from your hair products to drip onto your skin. These can irritate your skin and clog pores, leading to blackheads, whiteheads and inflamed blemishes. If you must style your hair then use oil-free gels or mousses. Luckily there is a simple remedy for this one - tie your hair off your face, in a high ponytail or plait. You could also use a headband to push back the hair from your forehead and prevent any hair products or sweat from dripping down to your face. Also make sure you’re not playing with your hair while you work out, otherwise you end up transferring hair products from your hands onto your face. Ruining the point of tying your hair up in the first place.

Your Towel
It’s always recommended to take a small towel with you to the gym so you can pat your face dry during your workout, but it’s also a haven for germs and bacteria. Make sure you regularly change which towel you take with you to the gym, and don’t forget to wash it on a high heat so you kill all the germs. You also need to remember to be gentle when it comes to wiping your face, rubbing too vigorously can actually contribute to post-workout acne because it can irritate your skin and spread dirt and bacteria. Make sure you gently pat your face and body instead.