You’re never too young to start taking care of your skin. In fact the earlier you start the better, while you may not notice the difference immediately if you continue a good skincare routine then as you age the effects won’t be as obvious as for you as it is for those who don’t give their skin a second thought. But when you're young do you really need to start using heavy-duty anti-ageing products as part of your everyday routine, and how do you adapt this as you age? While most of us are used to devising a skincare routine based on our skin, this time we’ve turned the tables and put one together for you based on age.

In Your Twenties
When you reach your mid-twenties your skin begins to age because your levels of collagen and elastin decrease. These two proteins are responsible for keeping skin smooth, plump and firm, levels gradually decrease as you get older which leads to sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s very unlikely that you’ll notice any visible signs of ageing, especially in your early twenties, so your skincare regime should be focused on prevention. The best thing you can do at this age is to wear sunscreen religiously. UV light is the biggest aggressor to our skin and actually speeds up the natural ageing process. This is because UV light increases the production of free radicals, highly unstable molecules which attack cells and encourage the breakdown of collagen and elastin. To keep your skin looking young wear a minimum of SPF30 every day, even when you’re only outside for a short while. Our Aqua Physics Defence Cream contains a mineral UV filter to instantly shield you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you’re a smoker you should try reduce or kick your habit, as studies have shown this can also lead to premature wrinkling.

In Your Thirties
Towards the end of your twenties and the beginning of your thirties you enter a stage called pre-ageing. You may start to notice some fine lines forming around the mouth and eyes, and across the forehead. Now is the time where you may want to start investing in more targeting wrinkle-fighters. A good night cream can really be beneficial to your skincare routine, as your skin renews and repairs itself as you sleep. Our Space Anti-Age Night Renewal Cream contains lactic acid to exfoliate and renew skin, and also contains hyaluronic acid to plump the skin, making fine lines less visible. If you’ve noticed dark or pigmented spots appearing on your face, again usually caused by too much sun exposure, then look for products which will brighten the skin. Our Bio Cellulose Masks are the ideal weekly skin treat and are infused with Arbutin, which helps to brighten and even out the skin tone. At this age it’s important to regularly exfoliate as your skin turnover is decreasing, in your thirties your skin only naturally exfoliates itself every 35 days compared to every 14 days in your twenties.

In Your Forties
Skin is starting to lose the ability to bounce back into shape, so expression lines around your mouth and eyes stay put instead of being smoothed away. Look for products which are rich in antioxidants, these will protect your skin against free radical damage caused by pollution, smog, cigarette smoke and UV light, and also improve the appearance of any damage you already have. Our Daily Orbit Energising Essence is infused with antioxidants, neutralises the effects of pollution and neutralises pH levels. In your forties your skin will also start to become drier, so you may want to switch to a richer, more nourishing moisturiser – and if it contains anti-ageing ingredients so much the better. Our Space Anti-Age Day Cream protects the skin from environmental damage and stimulates the production of collagen to reveal plumper, healthier skin. Don’t just rely on moisturiser for hydration, up your intake of water and water-rich foods like cucumber and watermelon.

In Your Fifties
As we age it is common for skin to become drier, which only makes wrinkles appear more prominent. This is because our levels of hyaluronic acid decrease. Hyaluronic acid is the most powerful water-soluble compound in the body, it draws moisture into the skin and retains it deep in the dermis. As you age it’s important to pick products which contain hyaluronic acid, so you skin becomes better at retaining moisture levels. Combine your moisturise with a serum, these contain smaller particles so they can penetrate deeper into the dermis and really get to work. Most serums are also designed to fight again specific skin problems, such as dullness or ageing. Our Celestial Black Diamond Serum contains Black Diamond nano-particles to transport anti-ageing ingredients deeper into the dermis than other moisturisers. The unique patented NAC Y2 formula works from within to strengthen and regenerate skin, it also contains hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth the skin.

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