If you have combination skin then it can seem like you’re fighting two battles. On one hand your t-zone is probably oily and greasy with visible pores, you may be prone to breakouts and blackheads and in isolated areas your skin may feel bumpy or rough. Yet on the other hand the rest of your skin feels fine or, even worse, is dry, tight and uncomfortable. You may wonder how you are supposed to treat your skin when it has such directly conflicting problems. But don’t worry, with the right skincare routine in place looking after your combination skin can be so much easier. You won’t need a bathroom cabinet bursting with beauty products, but you may need to only apply certain products to certain areas of your face. For example applying a lightweight primer to an oily t-zone to prevent make-up from slipping, only using topical acne treatments directly on blemishes or saving your must luxurious, richest moisturiser for parched, dry patches of skin.

You don’t need to fear your skincare products if you have combination skin, you simply need to find the right ones. We’ve broken down a very basic routine to help you get started, then customise away to get the perfect routine for you.

The founding step in any skincare routine is a good cleanser. If you have combination you should opt for a gentle, water-soluble cleanser which won’t irritate or dry out your skin. What you may not realise is that the oily and dry patches of your skin are actually suffering from the same problem – a lack of hydration. In the oily areas your skin reacts by producing excess oil to try and hydrate the skin. It’s important not to pick a cleanser which will strip your skin completely of oils, although you may think this is what you want the skin will only react by producing more oil to compensate for the dryness. Our Lift Off Purifying Cleanser is a non-foaming cleanser suitable for all skin types, it contains hydrating ingredients to gently cleanser the skin and remove dead skin cells.

There is debate about whether everything needs to use toner, but it is a very effective step in a skincare routine as it helps make sure the skin is completely cleansed of dirt, impurities and make-up. This is especially effective in oily areas, as the build-up of impurities attracts acne-causing bacteria and can lead to blackheads and whiteheads. Some toners, like our Ground Control Anti-Blemish Tonic, are specifically formulated to fight certain skin problems like acne. Our tonic contains Benzyl Alcohol, a powerful anti-bacterial which reduces inflammation, and Saw Palmetto, to reduce sebum and excess oils production. If it is only your t-zone which is oily and blemish prone then you may want to stick to using your toner there.

This can be the most tricky step when it comes to combination skin; on one side you need something rich and moisturising for your dry areas but on the other you don’t want something that is too heavy that runs the risk of clogging your pores. You could double up on moisturisers, keeping one for your t-zone which is formulated for oily skin and only applying the richer one on your dry patches, but sometimes this can be to time-consuming. Our Space Anti-Age Day Emulsion is a lightweight but intensely moisturising day cream which is infused with antioxidants and vitamins to protect your skin from the harmful effects of pollution.

Sun Protection
Some people believe that sunbathing can help improve the appearance of blemishes. While this might appear true temporarily, as the sun dries up excess oil and spots become less noticeable with a tan, in the long run sun exposure without the proper protection actually does more harm for your skin than good. You may also find that after a long time in the sun your dry patches become even drier, and this is because the sun depletes levels of natural oils in your skin. It is incredibly important to protect any areas of exposed skin from the sun, even if you are only outside for a short time each day. Our Aqua Physics Defence Cream contains a powerful mineral UV filter to instantly protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The hydrating ion formula also helps skin to retain its optimum moisture level so it’s perfect for all skin types, not just combination ones.

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