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Do you feel like barely an hour or two has passed since you've cleansed your face and you'r already having to deal with shine. Or perhaps you find yourself continually touching up your make-up throughout the day because it feels like it's slipping off you face. Do you find that even though your skin seems to produce excess oil your face feels tight and dry? If you've ever had to deal with any of these problem, you'll know how difficult oily skin is to get under control.

Oily skin is the result of genetically determined changes in your body, caused when androgens stimulate too much oil. When this happens pores become larger to accommodate the excess oil and the pore lining can also thicken, laving the oil trapped and resulting in blackheads and spots. Some people find oily skin comes and goes throughout their teenage years, but if you've had oily skin for a long time then don't despair. The easiest way to tackle this common skin type is to evaluate the skincare products you've been using and, in some cases give your routine an overhaul. We talk you through the steps for a perfect skincare routine and reveal some of the most common mistakes when it comes to choosing products for oily skin. 

1. Cleanser
A good cleanser is where it all starts. With oily skin especially it's important to cleanse twice a day, and after you've been sweating, to ensure that you remove dirt, impurities and dead skin cells from your pores. You should never ever go to sleep in your make-up as this will clog and stretch pores and make you even more prone to breakouts. Unfortunately you can't simply wash spots away, so make sure you don't pick a cleanser that is too harsh or has a drying affect on the skin as this will only make the problem worse. 

2. Toner
Oily skin is more prone to blemishes because the build up of excess oil and skin cells can clog pores, therefore you may wish to implement a two step cleansing routine. Toner helps to complete the cleansing of your skin to make sure any dirt, dust or pollution which was lingering in your pores in thoroughly removed. The key thing is not to pick a toner which is too harsh and will ultimately strip your skin of oils. While this may seem like a good thing, your skin will react by producing even more oil because it things it is dehydrated. Our Ground Control Anti Blemish Tonic not only helps to cleanse skin but is packed with blemish-busting ingredients like Benzyl Alcohol and Saw Palmetto. 

3. Exfoliator
Most people will recommend exfoliating once a week but if you have oily skin then you may wish to increase this. Exfoliating removes the build up of dead skin cells, which shed naturally, and prevents your pores from becoming clogged with excess oil and dirt. It can be tempting to exfoliate every night because it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, but this can cause the skin to thin and dry out. However it's important not to pick an exfoliator which contains large grains or particles, as they can actually damage the skin and cause micro wounds. Our Lift Off Exfoliating Cleanser uses Tartaric Acid, Lactic Acid and papaya enzyme to dissolve skin cells. It's best to exfoliate in the evening 

4. Serum
If you have oily skin then this is more of an optional step, as sometime applying both a serum and moisturiser can overload your skin and make it feel greasy. Serums are different to moisturisers as they can penetrate more deeply into the skin, and deliver their active ingredients to the lower layers. If you have specific concerns like ageing or dull skin then a serum is an ideal extra step to use in the evening. After cleansing and toning, apply a little serum all over the face and then follow with your night cream. Our Y Theorem Repair Serum comes in a light version, specifically designed for people with oily skin or those who live in humid climates. It leaves behind less of a residue, so you can use it morning and evening if your prefer.   

5. Moisturiser
Moisturiser is important for all skin types, but it's a step that's often overlooked by people with oily skin because they worry about overloading their pores. Excess oil is not the same as moisture, which is why some people with oily skin actually complain that their face feels tight and dry. Moisturisers work by hydrating the skin and slowing the loss of moisture from the skin, this causes sebum producing cells to shut down as oily skin is often causes by an imbalance of moisture. When it comes to moisturising oily skin it's all about finding the right product for you. Our Space Anti Age Day Emulsion is a light-weight daily moisturiser, but it is still infused with vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to protect, plump and hydrate the skin. 

6. Eye Cream
The final step in any good skincare routine. Like moisturiser, eye cream is essential for everyone no matter what your slon type. The skin underneath your eye is thinner than the rest of your face, which means it is more prone to fine lines and damage.