While women's skincare products still makes up the majority of the marketplace, more men than ever are getting in good grooming habits. Most recently Asia was named as the fastest growing market for men's skincare, accounting for 65% of the global spend.

A good skincare routine is just as important for men as it is for women. Men actually have a higher production of collagen than women, which keeps skin looking smooth and plump, and because of this their skin is said to "15 years younger" than their female counterparts. Yet, men are also less sun-savvy than women, and the choice to go without SPF, means their skin can age prematurely and wipe out the benefits of this extra collagen. Men's skin is also up to 25% thicker due to androgen (testosterone) stimulation, and it is also rougher in texture. Men may also find their skin problems, especially acne, lasting longer because after puberty they have a greater production of sebum (oil). In honour of National Men's Grooming Day we've put together five top tips just for you guys, so you can get your best ever skin too. 

1. Buy A Good Quality Razor
Men can shave up to five times a week, but using a cheap, blunt razor can damage your skin. It can make shaving painful, leaving your skin feeling red raw, and it also makes you more prone to cuts and nicks. Invest in a good quality razor, which will last much longer, and make this daily chore a little bit easier. If you have sensitive skin and still find your skin irritated, even with a decent razor, then try using our Daily Orbit Energising Essence which can reduce redness and help infuse moisture back into the skin.

2. Don't Forget To Moisturise
Daily moisturising will not only keep your skin soft, but also stop your stubble from feeling like sandpaper. Men often have drier skin that women, so it's important to moisturise your skin daily. Don't forget to apply your moisturiser after your shave as well to keep your skin hydrated. Bonus points if you use a moisturiser with SPF everyday to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

3. Exfoliate
Once or twice a week it's important to exfoliate in order to remove the layer of dead skin cells. Combined with a quality razor this will also improve the shaving experience, as it will prevent drag as your razor will be able to glide more easily over your face, and removing the build up from your skin will also stop ingrown hairs in their tracks.

4. And Always, ALWAYS Use SPF
This is important for everyone, regardless of age, gender or how much time you spend outside, yet this study found that only 4% of men applying sunscreen daily. UV light is the biggest aggressor skin, not only does it increase your risk of skin cancer, but is also causes your skin to prematurely age. When UV rays hit your skin it responds by producing melanin in order to absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays, this is what causes your skin to tan and ,when your exposure exceeds to this protection, a sunburn. Too much sun exposure causes fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration. Luckily this damage is easily preventing by regularly applying SPF, and topping it up throughout the day - especially after swimming. You should aim to wear at least SPF15 everyday, and a higher factor during summer.