111SKIN introduces the Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream: a brightening, highly concentrated formula enriched with innovative wrinkle relaxer, Argireline, to instantly smooth lines while targeting key signs of ageing.



Dubbed ‘topical Botox’, Argireline is clinically proven to reduce the depth of expression wrinkles, with instantly visible results around the fine line prone eye area. A non-invasive and milder alternative to Botulinum Toxin, Argireline is a peptide that targets the same wrinkle-formation mechanism but without the need for injections. Similar to the effect of Botox, Argireline interrupts the neurotransmissions that cause muscles to contract meaning wrinkles appearance is reduced during usual facial movement.

Of his new 111SKIN launch, Dr Alexandrides, MD at 111 Harley St says . . .

“Each product in my skincare range is developed to meet the needs of my Harley St patients, and the Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream is no exception. Many skin and anti-ageing concerns do not require surgery and can be treated with effective topical ingredients. Clinical trials have proven Argireline to be an effective topical solution to fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area which otherwise would have to be treated with invasive procedures. When possible I always offer my patients an alternative to surgery, and this cream does just that.”

Trialled by patients at his Harley Street Clinic over the past 6 months, Dr Alexandrides offered the Argireline formula to his patients in between Botox treatments or for some, as an alternative to the injections. The ingredient also showed incredible results in US based trials during a study on a group of female volunteers. The volunteers used a cream that contained 5% Argireline for 30 days. At the end of 15 days of continuous use, lines around their eyes were reduced by 17%. After 30 days, lines and wrinkles were diminished by 27%. Another independent study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that Argireline reduced wrinkles by 30% after 30 days of use.

In addition to the wrinkle reduction effect, the 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream utilises an innovative delivery system of rare black diamond nanoparticles, to transport potent, youth restoring ingredients to the deeper layers of skin. Both anti-ageing and preventative, the 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream regenerates fine lines on a cellular level supporting the optimal function of the key enzymes. The powerful anti-oxidant formula increases circulation within the delicate eye area, effectively targeting dark circles and under eye puffiness.

111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Cream contains 5% Argerline and is priced at £170 for 15ml