Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and helps protect us from germs and infections. We all know we need to take good care of it, but with a huge wealth of, sometimes conflicting, beauty advice out there is can be difficult to know which ones to listen to and which ones to completely ignore. The summer months brings warmer weather, higher levels of humidity and new challenges in caring for our skin. We've narrowed down all the beauty advice to the three very best things you should do for your skin this summer, to keep it looking healthy, youthful and radiant.

1. Wear SPF
Having an even, golden tan can make you feel amazing. You try on clothes you never would have looked at before, to wear different colours, you look slimmer and you may even feel healthier. But if you've achieved your perfect sunkissed glow by lying in the sun for hours, with little or no sun protection you may not feel so good about your skin in the years to come. Exposure to the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays can prematurely age the skin, leaving us more prone to wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. Long periods in the sun without any protection is also the main cause of age spots. While these brown marks aren't harmful themselves, their appearance can age you. You should be wearing SPF15 all year round but if you don't already make sure to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen throughout summer, even on cloudy days. If you haven't gotten sunburnt, it doesn't mean your skin is not damaged. Our Aqua Physics Defence Cream contains a mineral UV filter to instantly protect your from harmful UV rays. 

2. Look For Skincare products With Antioxidants
On your days off you may well enjoy wandering round the city and soaking up the atmosphere, but while you're at it your skin is also soaking up harmful pollution as well. A recent study found that Oxford Street is the most polluted place in the world, which is bad news for your skin. After UV rays, pollution is the second biggest aggressor to skin, and can cause redness, sensitivity and dryness. Also like UV rays, even if you don't notice the damage being done to your skin, it doesn't mean you are in the clear. High levels of pollution means more free radicals, highly unstable oxygen molecules which attack skin cells. Coupled with UV rays, this leads to a breakdown in collagen and elastin production making our skin less firm and smooth. In order to combat this you should look for a skincare range which contains antioxidants such as Vitamins A, E and C which will help fight free radicals and protect skin cells. Our Space Anti-Age Day Emulsion is a lightweight moisturiser infused with vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to restore, repair and rehydrate the skin. You can also increase antioxidants by upping your daily intakes of foods like citrus fruits, dark leafy vegetables and carrots. 

3. Stay Hydrated
Your skin is largely composed of water so it's no wonder that hydrated skin equals healthy skin. Throughout summer, especially if you are lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere tropical, it is important to keep well hydrated and you should arim to drink between two and two and half litres of water per day. Herbal teas, natural fruit juices and milk are all good at keeping you hydrated as well, but try to avoid caffeine and alcohol.It is very easy for moisture levels to drop, and one of the main culprits if higher temperatures, but is important to look after the skins' hydro-lipid layer - a protective film consisting of water and lipids which protects the skin from external agressors, like pollution, and infections. Make sure to keep applying moisturiser throughout the summer, if you skin feels greasy or oily don't stop just switch to a more lightweight one.

While these three tips will keep you skin looking gorgeous and glowing throughout the summer, you should try to keep them up for as long as you can, even when the sunny temperatures start to drop.