You wouldn’t buy a foundation that three shades to dark, or a lipstick colour that looked unflattering would you? Yet when it comes to picking products for our skincare regime we may not stop to think about what our skin really needs and end up buying ones that leave it feeling tight, irritated and uncomfortable.

Everyone’s skincare regime will be slightly unique as what works well for your skin might not work at all for someone else, even if you both want to address the same complexion concerns. One place to start though is your skin type. Many people could be using products that are actually detrimental to their skin’s health and appearance by not knowing their skin type, and it is also worth keeping in mind that your type could change as you get older. We’ve listed the different skin types below and their typical traits so you can work out which category you fall into and start effectively caring for your complexion.

This is the skin type that many people wish they had, as the skin is smooth and radiant because it reflects the light. If you have normal skin your will find your complexion balanced, not too oily and not too dry, and you will rarely suffer from breakouts or blemishes. However a good skincare regime is still very important, as your skin will still suffer from the sides effects of UV rays and pollution. Our Aqua Physics Defence Cream contains a mineral UV filter which instantly protects you from UVA/UVB rays, as well as an antioxidants, which are proven to stop the damaging effects of free radicals, which are increased by pollution.

If you find that your face always feels moist and looks shiny, then you fall into the oily category. People with oily skin tend to have enlarged pores, and be more prone to blackheads, whiteheads and spots due to the oil, and other impurities, clogging up their skin. However a lot of people are also tempted to buy harsh cleansers or toners which completely strip away the oil. This is completely the wrong thing to do for your skin, as it actually increases oil production and exacerbates the problem. If you find your make up starts slipping at midday, when oil production is at its highest, then try dusting your t-zone with a little mineral face powder which is better for the skin and doesn’t block pores.

While dry skin has almost invisible pores, you can also suffer from a dull, rough complexion. Your skin may also be prone to dry, scaly patches especially when exposed to the environmental aggressors such as cold, windy weather, UV light and pollution. As we age our skin naturally becomes drier as our levels of hyaluronic acid decrease, and this makes us more prone to develop fine lines and wrinkles. When picking skin care products look for one with anti-ageing benefits and which contains like hyaluronic acid which will draw moisture to the skin and give it a plumping effect. Our Space Anti-Age Day Cream is perfect for dry skin types as it is ultra-moisturising, contains hyaluronic acid and a vitamin complex which helps to repair and regenerate skin.

If you have sensitive skin then it may often feel tight, burning or itching and can look red and dry. If your skin feels like this then it is important to work out what may be triggering your skin. Some people may be simply predisposed to more sensitive skin, but for others it is certain products and ingredients. Look for gentler versions, with no harsh chemicals, perfumes or colourants to begin with, and be careful not to over-cleanse your face.

If you suffer from an oily t-zone, the forehead, nose and chin, but find our cheeks are overly-dry then you have combination skin. Like oily skin, you may be prone to breakouts and blemishes, as the oil can clog pores, but again it’s important not to treat your skin too harshly. When it comes to combination skin you need to look for products that can treat both areas. Our Lift Off Exfoliating Cleanser is effective at cutting through oil, dirt and other impurities to reveal smoother, radiant skin, yet is still gentle enough to use on your drier areas.