From jumping on a train to catching a bus, driving or even walking a couple of miles, many of us now commute to work. While few of us enjoy our journey to work, the time and number of people travelling being some of the top complaints, did you know it could also be damaging your skin too?

Environmental factors can leave our skin feeling irritated and inflamed all the time even though we may not notice it. Here’s a list of the top three things from your commute that leave your skin looking less healthy, and how you can act now.

  1. Dirt & Germs

Everyday hundreds of people make the same commute, and whether it’s from pressing the stop button on the bus to holding the hand rail on the tube our hands pick up germs everywhere we go, but it’s when we transfer them to our skin that the problems can start. Consistently touching your skin can lead to dirt and impurities building up on the surface, blocking pores and causing spots. Try to keep anti-bacterial hand sanitizer on you, which you can use before and after your commute.

  1. Stress

From long journeys to delays and traffic jams it’s no wonder that our morning commute can leave use feeling stressed and tired. Yet stress can aggravate nearly all types of skin condition, such as dryness, acne and redness. Not only does frowning cause wrinkles but so does stress, by causing our levels of collagen to decrease more quickly. To fight premature ageing try to find something relaxing to do during your commute such as listening to music or reading. If all else fails use the weekend to relax with our luxurious Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask, which will help to condition and moisturise the skin, as well as inducing collagen production. 

  1. Pollution

A recent study revealed that Oxford Street is the most polluted street on earth (link to Oxford Street blog article), and if you walk to work even a short journey could mean trouble for your skin. Pollution is one of the worst aggressors for skin and can leave it feeling red, inflamed and sensitive. Even if you don’t feel the effects of pollution, your skin is not immune as it can also cause dryness, premature aging and acne. In order to combat the increased free radicals that air pollution causes choose a day cream like our Aqua Physics Defence Cream, that contains antioxidants which protect the skin by drawing in moisture and encouraging cell production.