There’s one thing consistent in fashion this summer. Whether it’s the shoes, the clothes or the shades for lips – it’s bright!  Lipstick lovers will be in their element in the coming months, but don’t panic; if orange lips just aren’t for you, teaming more subtle colours with brighter eyes or nails can achieve the on-trend look.


It can be a daunting colour to wear, and certainly not for the faint-hearted, however orange lips are definitely one of the in-colours this year.  Don’t be put off; go to the cosmetic counter and try a few different shades.  Once you’ve made your choice, apply a small amount of concealer to your lips before your lipstick – this creates a smooth base, making brighter colours easier to apply and appear more even.


If orange is just not your thing, then coral is a beautiful alternative.  A sheer coral lipstick can brighten up the palest face, and if your skin tone is warmer you can up the radiance with a high shimmer gloss.

Shocking Pink

Be bold and brave; the pinker the better!  There are so many shades of really bright pink this summer, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a tone you love.  As with any strong colour, the best approach is to apply the lipstick, blot it carefully, and reapply a second coat.  This builds up the colour intensity and ensures the lipstick looks even.


Lipsticks truly are all shades of purple this summer, from deep magenta to radiant violets.  As with all bright colours, it’s important to find a lipstick that is moist and sheer so it doesn’t look tacky.  A lip liner will also help perfect the outline; don’t be afraid to draw larger, and experiment – if you’re home alone you can always wash it off.  Practice makes perfect!


For those who just don’t do lips, don’t panic; there are still some great alternatives.  If you prefer to shine the spotlight on your eyes, go for purple or teal.  Try out aquamarine eyeliner, or teal mascara (please note, that’s an either/or, not both at once).  Both of these should be teemed with a very subtle or nude lip colour; this is also great daytime look if you’re pushed for time. 

Natural pink

Reassuringly, bare-faced beauty is still one of the biggest looks for this summer. If bold and bright just isn’t you, the natural look has been sported on many catwalks.  The only support natural lips need is flawless looking skin; so if this is you, make sure you invest some time in your complexion as well as your lipstick!