It can be confusing knowing which to choose; tinted moisturiser, cc cream – and now there’s bb cream too…. A whole array of skin perfecting creams, many of them claiming to do “everything”; but which should you choose? Simply, it’s all about coverage. 

Tinted Moisturisers

Tinted moisturiser is simply a moisturiser with a tint.  This gives the lightest coverage, resulting in a sheer finish. If you’re not used to wearing foundation or make up but want something to give your skin a healthier tone, or brighten it up just a little, this is the product for you. However; don’t get too attached; while still popular, they are being edged out of the market by products with more active ingredients. It’s also important not to get carried away by the tint; you are using this product as a moisturiser, and if it is the only thing you put on your face it should ideally contain an SPF of 30 or above, particularly at this time of year.

CC Creams

CC creams are colour correcting creams; and contain more pigment.  They provide more colour and therefore better coverage, rather like a medium foundation.  If you suffer from rosacea, dark spots or have scarring from previous acne, then cc creams will give a better base cover than a tinted moisturiser.  Many profess to be all-in-one moisturisers, anti-ageing creams and sun protectors, but it is important to check the ingredient list to see exactly which the product contains. The biggest concern with cc creams is that although many contain SPF, they are heavier than a moisturiser, so you will not apply them in them same quantity.  This may result in inadequate sun protection.

If you are uncertain, it’s always best to speak to a cosmetic consultant from a skin care range – you don’t necessarily have to buy their product, most will be happy for you to have a tester to see if the cream suits your skin. They can advise you on how best to achieve the result you are looking for. 

See the table below for a quick reference: