Looking after your skin takes a little more conscious effort in the summer months.  While we all know how ageing sun can be, everyone wants to be outdoors and enjoy the warm weather.  Here are some simple tips to ensure your skin stays cool, however hot it gets.

Drink plenty of water.  We all lose more moisture in the heat, and you should aim to double the amount you would drink in cooler months. Carry a water bottle with you, and make sure you refill it at least twice a day – you’ll be amazed at the difference upping your fluid intake will make to your skin.

Cover up.  And we don’t mean just with SPF…. This summer’s trend for big, bold sunglasses is one everyone can embrace.  There is a reason we see celebrities sporting oversized glasses the moment the sky brightens: when it’s bright, you squint.  And apart from being unattractive, that squinting at the sun expression really helps to bring on those fine lines around the corners of your eyes, compounding the ageing effects of UV light on the delicate skin in the eye area.

Be careful.  The only truly safe tan is fake tan; however, if you love the outdoors and worship the sun, be cautious.  Building up a slow, even tan is the safest approach, as well as being the least aging on your skin.  You should always use some sort of SPF (30 or higher), even when you are tanned, as this protects against the aging effects of the sun, not just burning.

Spritz.  Moisture spritzers are a great way to revitalise tired skin, and can instantly revive, enhancing radiance and refreshing at the same time.  There are a number of products available which also contain vitamin C, combining the firming anti-oxidant effects of this ingredient with the moisturising benefits.

Wear less make –up.  Your skin may be more dry, oilier or greasier; this is not the season to be sporting heavy make-up.  Try swapping your foundation for a tinted moisturiser, or cc cream.  A lighter base will allow your skin to breathe and be less likely to clog pores.