How many of you read that question and instantly thought: “The cost!”?  Well, of course, you’re all right.  We assume that because luxury products cost more they are better; of course, this is also true - all skin products are not made equal - but how many of us really understand the difference? 

Luxury brands have usually been developed on the back of extensive scientific research, rather than age old formulas tweaked to keep up with popular smells and packaging.  Many new luxury ranges, such as 111SKIN, have been developed by scientists who are simply not satisfied with the products currently available.  Scientists work on evidence base – that is, they only use ingredients that have been proven by previous rigorous testing to be safe and effective. 

So, that’s the scientist science.  Of course, a great deal of people science also goes in luxury products.  Our products feel the way they do and smell the way they do because people have carefully researched what feels beautiful, what smells fabulous, what all our sense tell us is luxurious as well as what our brain tells us is effective. 

None of this necessarily means the more expensive the better – you should always do your research whatever your budget.  It is advisable, particularly if you are changing your skincare regime or considering a new treatment, to have a consultation with a skin specialist who can discuss their products with you, and recommend the best for your skin – a service you’re unlikely to receive in your drugstore!

Ultimately, luxury skin care is the complete package; it is designed to make you feel fabulous!

The people who provide it can explain what it does for you, and it really works – unlike many of its drugstore counterparts.


Eva X