Just what do astronauts use as moisturiser when in orbit?!

While grooming and beauty might not be at the forefront of a space travellers mind, shocking statistics from a NASA study may make them think twice about packing a moisturiser in their suitcase…


“Apart from itching and dryness of the skin (possibly partly due to the special skin care being used in the ISS), a thinning of the skin and increased sensitivity combined with delayed healing of wounds and also an increased tendency to skin infections have been reported after a long stay in space” *


Missions to Mars and the much anticipated Virgin Galactic spell the way for future travel, and as we plan to send people deeper into space than ever before, and for longer flights, the priority is to ensure that they remain in best health possible. Humans have evolved to rely on gravity to regulate our biology, and without it, our tissues become confused. This micro-gravity combined with increased levels of radiation (due to the lack of O-zone) experienced by astronauts in space rapidly accelerates ageing and muscle degeneration.


Dr Yannis Alexandrides, a Harley St Plastic Surgeon founded 111SKIN in collaboration with two space scientists who had previously worked on the Soviet Space Program. Once the program had been dissolved, the scientists kept hold of their patented formula which they had supplied to astronauts to protect their skin while in orbit. This formula is NAC Y² (a combination of NAC, Vitamin C and Escin) which increases Glutathione – the most vital antioxidant in our cells for maintaining youthful skin. NAC and Vitamin C are essential for stimulating Glutathione which decreases during the body’s ageing process. Escin is a potent antioxidant that increases blood circulation, promoting stronger collagen production, and helps transport NAC and Vitamin C directly to the cells. Together, these ingredients detoxify, hydrate and regenerate skin cells, working from within to strengthen the skin and fight damage.


Each 111SKIN product contains the unique, patented NAC Y2 formula, a potent antioxidant which is taken by astronauts in supplement form when in space, proven to delay ageing and stimulate the body’s natural repair system.  Used by astronauts for over 25 years, and confirmed with 5 years of independent patient trials, 111SKIN ingredients protect, rejuvenate and hydrate skin from a cellular level to provide skincare benefits whether in space, or in the extremes of daily life.


*Source: Nasa SkinCare (SkinCare) – 02.15.14 study extract