Susan Sarandon

Recently Susan Sarandon caused waves on the red carpet with a bold look wearing just a tuxedo and bra. At nearly 70 years old she was still naturally youthful and smouldering, clearly having taken care of the age-betraying areas of the neck and décolletage – a huge trend for Summer according the Sunday Times Style magazine, who featured the Y Lift Neck and Décolletage Serum as ‘going up’ in its Barometer.

Like hands, the neck and décolletage are tell-tale signs of age if not nurtured and pampered. Whether it’s genetic or excessive sun exposure-induced, damaged skin in these areas becomes crepey because of a loss of elasticity, appearing leathery and resulting in the dreaded ‘turkey-neck’. They are areas that cannot be treated with botox or fillers so there haven’t been many options beyond surgical intervention - until Progeline, which we recognised as a fierce fighter of wrinkles and strong firming in these areas.

Cutting-edge ingredients that provide visible results are the foundation of our skincare ranges, and one of the key ingredients in the incredibly powerful Y Lift Neck and Decolletage Treatment Mask and the Y Lift Neck and Décolletage Serum is clinically-proven Progeline. Not only do these products work in harmony, containing robust active ingredients to lift and firm, but they feel light and satiny on the skin and are gently scented with rose and almond for a sensuously opulent ‘at-home spa’ experience.

An element of ageing is that cells don’t divide properly anymore which in turn causes the scaffolding (extracellular matrix) of skin to weaken. This is thought to be caused by a toxic protein called Progerin and this process is called senescence. This has been a huge focus in the anti-ageing research world and a key area to investigate for anti-ageing of skin.

The youth-enhancing wonder-peptide Progeline decreases the amount of the ageing protein progerin for incredible results that really do turn back time. In clinical trials it improved firmness, reduced sagging and increased skin thickness. Also, crucially, 92% of women were satisfied with the results - and we’re immensely impressed too.

Dr Yannis Alexandrides explains, “I see many women in my 111 Harley St. clinic that have youthful faces but haven’t kept up the same routine on other visible areas of their body, which can divulge too much about their ages.  We introduced a range of skincare products that specifically contain Progeline which are clinically-proven to deliver targeted, noticeable effects that customers love.”

The Sunday Times Style