Exercising in the summer can be a real chore. We’d all rather be sitting out in our gardens, drinking incredible cocktails, or sitting on a beach forgetting all of life’s woes. But in order to feel and look our best, we need to keep exercising even through the hot summer months. We’ve put together a few ideas of the best ways to exercise in the summer that won’t leave you stressed and sweaty.

Yoga pose


Although not a high-intensity work out, Yoga offers all around fitness, flexibility and stamina, perfect for those who want to chill out and unwind. Through a mix of poses, stretches and guided meditation, Yoga will leave you calm and stress-free. Though don’t expect not to ache the next day; Yoga works on toning and stretching all the muscles; from your thighs to your core.


With the hot, heavy months stretching ahead, swimming can be a great replacement to running in the summer months. It’s fantastic for all over-body fitness, and the refreshing water will keep you cool in the humid weather. There’s something for everyone; whether you fancy the luxury of a spa or fitness centre, or you prefer a more natural approach, swimming is the perfect way to get your blood pumping and heart rate up. Though remember that chlorine can dry out the hair, so always deep condition after any pool trip.


Long walks in your neighbourhood or the nearest country spot is a fantastic way to get outside in the heat without over doing it. Set yourself a distance target, such as 4 miles, plug into a podcast and hike through the great outdoors. It might not burn as many calories as a 45 minute spin class, but your skin, body and soul will never feel healthier. Remember to protect your skin and layer on our Aqua Physics Defence Cream to save your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Rearrange your schedule

Okay, so this might not be rocket science, but being flexible with your workout routine in the summer months can save you from exhaustion. If you have a fixed work routine, or you can’t imagine not going for you daily 5k, try rearranging the time you usually put on your trainers. Try getting up a little earlier when the temperature isn’t quite as high, or wait until the evening. By simply pushing your work out back an hour, working out in the oppressive heat might not be bad after all.