Cannes film festival has just started over in beautiful southern France. If you’re planning on heading down there for the weekend to lap up the culture, or you’re just lusting after the photographs of gorgeous parties and gorgeous beaches planning your next trip, here are our top things to do in Cannes come summer.

Film festival

Of course, it goes without saying that the best time to visit Cannes would be during the incredible festival. Regardless of what events you attend, or the celebs you spot, the electricity and atmosphere created by the festival shouldn’t be missed. Stroll in front of the Palais des Festivals, the epicentre of the event, to get a sneak peak of the actors and directors. Remember to book your hotel months, even a year, in advance as they book up incredibly quickly.

La Croisette

Potentially the most famous street in France; if not, definitely the most glamorous. Take a stroll along this promenade to try and spot the next up and coming stars; with the street snaking around the bay, meandering along is the perfect way to spend a warm evening in Cannes. During the film festival La Croisette is centre stage, as the Palais des Festivals is on the top of the street, so expect to be part of the hub-bub and celebrities.

Eating out

Of course, one cannot visit Cannes without dining in one of their incredible Michelin starred restaurants. The Palme d’Or, situated in the Martinez hotel, boasts two Michelin stars; serving traditional Mediterranean faire but of the highest, classiest quality. Mantel, situated in the ‘old town’ of Cannes is often described as touristy, you won’t be bumping into any famous faces here, but the food is a cut above the rest. It’s simple, but elegant, and perfectly traditionally Mediterranean.