Nutritionists state we should be drinking at least 2 litres of water every day. For glowing skin and a healthy body, this amount of water is vitally important. However, water on water on water can get a little boring. Try spicing up your plain water with fruits, vegetables and herbs to add flavour and a heap of extra nutrients. These are our favourite water recipes that we love to drink on hot summer days to keep us hydrated and energised.


An oldie but a goodie. Slicing a few pieces of cucumber and letting them infuse into the water will add a refreshing taste. Heaps of ice, cucumber and a warm summer afternoon is the perfect cocktail to relaxation and hydration.

Lime and mint

For a taste of a cocktail mix your mojito flavours into some ice cold water. For an added twist, add crushed ice when creating your flavoured water – you’ll hardly know the difference between this and a cocktail! The high levels of vitamin C present in limes will also keep your skin glowing and youthful.


For something a little sweeter, strawberry infused water is a delicious treat on a summer’s day. And once the water’s finished, the strawberries will be plumped up with extra water – a perfect treat. Try again with mint to add a refreshing twist.

Lemon and orange

A twist on classic lemonade, and far less sweeter, squeeze pure lemon juice in your jug, and leave the rest to soak. Replace with Orange for something a little different, and a much healthier alternative to orange juice. For something even more exotic, mix the two and add some pineapple for a tropical twist.


Watermelon is packed with water already, but the subtle flavour will still infuse into any ice cold water. Add a few torn up pieces of mint to add extra flavour and a refreshing element. Try freezing the watermelon in advance and use instead of ice to make sure the subtle flavour isn’t diluted.