A sad truth is that a fantastic skincare routine can only do so much. If you’re eating badly and not taking care of yourself on the inside, your skin won’t be glowing on the outside either. These are the best super-foods to be eating to get that coveted natural glow. But of course, always stick to your 111SKIN routine to make sure you're skin is as dewy and healthy as can be. 


Beetroots are full of incredible anti-oxidants that will keep your skin glowing. In terms of bodily health, this nutrient rich super food will lower blood pressure and increase blood flow around the body. A healthy blood flow will keep you from looking sallow and give you a bright, glowing complexion. Try blending a beetroot into an apple, ginger and lemon morning smoothie for a burst of nutrients.   

Sweet potato

A vegetable that you can treat like a carbohydrate. Use in place of white potatoes or rice to add a health boost to regular meals. Sweet potatoes are naturally anti-inflammatory, and have high levels of vitamin A which can help fight acne. They also have high levels on Vitamin C, which aids with healing meaning smooth, youthful skin. For a topical product that will deliver immediate results, try out our Bio Cellulose Facial Masks; they brighten and hydrate, leaving you with that dewy glow.


Tomatoes are nature’s anti-aging products. They are rich in an antioxidant called lycopene which has anti-aging properties, as well as acting as a sunscreen from within; though of course, you always need to protect your skin from the outside too. Our Aqua Physics Defence Cream will give you that boost of UVA and UVB protection directly onto the skin.


Ginger Root

Adding some ginger root to your morning green smoothie isn’t just creating flavour, but adds loads of nutrients and vitamins to your body. Ginger reduces inflammation so say goodbye to puffy, red skin. Not only this, but it’s a natural pain reliever, helping with migraine relief, symptoms of PMs, and painful skin conditions such as cystic acne. Try our Anti-Blemish Tonic for topical acne relief, alongside your ginger smoothie health kick.

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