As the Coachella hype dies down, the UK festival season is just starting out. Treating your skin to some pre-camping, glamping (or hotel-staying!) should not go underrated. Regardless of where you stay, sitting out all day in the sun can cause intense damage to your skin, and the unusual environment can wreak havoc with sensitive complexions. 


Prepping your skin before you head off for 4 days of frivolity might seem a little high maintenance, but come the second day you’ll be glad your skin is still hydrated and healthy. The night before you head off, give yourself an at-home facial. Really take care of your skin; it won’t be in its best shape for the next few days! A pre-festival facial will also give you that gorgeous glow for all your Instagram snaps.

What to pack

Space is pretty minimal when it comes to festivals, and no one wants to be lugging a rucksack full of heavy beauty products across muddy fields. Packing the bare essentials is really the only option when it comes to festival skincare.

Make up remover

Okay, bear with us on this, but we don’t judge you if you pack make-up wipes. Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t touch make-up wipes with a barge pole, but when your rucksack is fit to bursting and you know you’ll be scrambling in the dark for products, wipes are a good all-around product.


But if you can’t sink to the make-up wipe level, get some micellar water. You’ll probably be stuck without running water if you’re camping, and micellar water is the perfect make-up remover-cum-cleanser that requires no rinsing. Though be sure to pack enough cotton wool pads to last you a few days, plus extra! Invisible dirt and grime will build up quickly, so keep cleansing, even if your skin is make-up free.

UV protection

Protecting your skin while you’re outside is vitally important, even if the British weather lets you down. Our Aqua Physics Defence Cream is packed with UVA and UVB protection, ensuring your skin won’t succumb to the damaging elements. This also acts as your moisturiser, meaning you don’t need to bring umpteen different products with you.