Tomorrow marks the Queen’s official birthday. To celebrate our longest ever reigning monarch’s 90th, we’re looking at the royal family and their skincare needs. With their ages spanning generations, we thought they’d be the perfect examples when discussing skincare needs at different life stages.

Princess Charlotte – 1

Of course, at 11 months your only skincare need is making sure the bubble bath you’re using isn’t too full of harsh chemicals to damage your young and sensitive skin. Other than that, just focus on being the cutest Princess in the Royal Family.

Princess’ Beatrice and Eugenie – 27 and 26

Your mid-twenties are really when you want to start adding anti-aging products into your skincare routine. It’s all about prevention. Though skincare in your twenties can be tough, you might still be struggling with hormonal problems, such as adult acne or eczema. Treat these with appropriate products, such as toners and moisturisers, as well combining with those all-important anti-aging products.

Kate Middleton – 34

As you age, your hormones should settle, and your skincare needs will change and adjust. Rich moisturisers will keep your skin hydrated, and focussing on problem aging areas will help you in the long run. Try an effective eye cream to keep wrinkles at bay, and don’t forget about your neck. This is a long-forgotten area, so ensure you keep your neck and décolletage protected from the signs of aging too.

Royal skincare

Sophie, Countess of Wessex – 51

As you hit the big 5-0, anti-aging should have long been part of your skincare routine. Keeping the skin hydrated and protected is key, so continue your usual routine, but with products specifically designed for more mature skin. Our Celestial Black Diamond range is perfect for this skin-type, our Contour Gel is designed for filling deep-set wrinkles around the eye and lip areas. Keep concentrating on the neck area, try our Y Neck Mask for a weekly boost of hydration and anti-aging power.

Camilla Parker-Bowles– 68

Hopefully, due to using anti-aging products, your skin at 70 should still have some elasticity. Keep using those more intensive creams, our Celestial Black Diamond Cream is incredibly hydrating and rich, perfect for more mature skin. For problem areas, or particularly deep-set wrinkles and lines, try more targeted solutions, such as our Meso Infusion Micro Mask.

Queen Elizabeth – 90

At 90, gravity and external forces will have taken their toll on your skin. However, thanks to years of taking amazing care of your complexion, your skin will still have potential to glow. At this time in your life, reach for deeply hydrating products to ensure your skin is radiating from within.