Regardless of where you go for your regular facials, or whether you just DIY them at home, knowing exactly what makes a facial work is vitally important. It doesn’t just boil down to cucumber on the eyes and a face mask. You need to know how to treat the skin, which order to use products and what results you’re after.

What makes a good facial?

In the salon

Picking a new place to try out a facial can induce some real fear. You need to know what type of facial you’re after; one to relax you? Or one to totally revamp your skin? If you’re after a relaxing treatment, the details of the facial are slightly less important as you aren’t expecting miracles or a drastically altered complexion.

If you’re looking for a deep cleanse, for a treatment to totally change and clear up your skin, you need to do bit more research. Is the spa offering a moisturising facial? Anti-aging? Or is it customizable with your skin type? These more flexible facials are really the best type to look for, as your skin will be treated with exactly what it needs.

Heading to a spa for a facial treatment is something any woman (or man!) should do at least once in their life. Speaking to a facial expert, learning your skin type and what to do to take care of it is an invaluable lesson.

At home

When doing your own facial at home, remember it probably won’t be quite as relaxing! Again, ask yourself exactly what you’re after. Does your skin need some simple TLC, or are you suffering from an oily breakout? Once you’ve figured out exactly what you want to achieve, rummage in your cupboards, or purchase specialist products. Our Lift Off Exfoliating Cleanser is a skin saviour if you’re suffering from an acne breakout.

The order in which you use your products has an effect on how your skin will look at the end; start by removing your make-up, then cleanse, exfoliate, use a mask, a serum, then moisturise. This routine will ensure that every step works in your skins favour. There’s no point using a mask, then scrubbing off all the incredible moisture that has been infused into your skin.

The joy of doing your facial at home is knowing exactly what products your skin likes. You have totally control, and can give yourself a 20 minute long facial massage with your moisturiser if you fancy it!