So you’re jetting off for a few days; whether that be for a work trip, a quick romantic getaway or you’re just after a blast of sun. Packing for such short trips can be incredibly difficult, especially if you only have carry-on luggage. Your usual skincare routine might have to be replaced by a travel friendly routine.

Skincare essentials for short trips

Make up remover

If you only pack one skincare essential; make it this. Make up remover is a non-negotiable step in terms of skincare. If you’re really crammed for space reach for a micellar water; it doubles as a cleanser that requires no rinsing, perfect for girls on the go. Remember those liquid limits for carry-ons though; de-potting will become your best friend when jetting off on short trips.


If you have room in your carry-on, a cleanser is vitally important in ridding your skin of any dirt and pollutants it might have picked up while you’re busy sightseeing (or lying on the beach!) De-pot your favourite cleanser into a travel friendly size. Our Lift Off Purifying Cleanser is a perfect everyday cleanser for short trips away.


Another non-negotiable skincare essential when travelling. Any type of air travel will totally dry your skin out, and short trips away won’t give your skin much time to recover. Be liberal; pack 2 or 3 carry-on size amounts of moisturiser. There’s nothing worse than being stuck without and suffering from tight, irritated skin during your relaxing time away. Our Aqua Physics Defence Cream is perfect for short trips – plus it’s travel friendly! No need for de-potting.

Face mask

Packing a sheet mask should not be an underrated essential for shorter trips. The change in environment, temperature, and air quality can leave your skin irritated and not looking its usual self. Our Bio Cellulose Mask will add a boost of hydration, or for real luxury and more targeted relief, reach for our Celestial Black Diamond Eye Masks; perfect for soothing your under-eye area after long days.