So you’ve cleaned, preened and everything inbetween-ed. You’ve got that glowing, blemish free skin that we’ve all dreamed of. You lucky thing. Now you just need to focus on making the most of your glowing and healthy complexion.

Emily Blunt


Heavy, thick coverage foundation is a no-go. In fact if you’re confident enough, ditch the foundation entirely! Your skin is glowing anyway, who needs to fake that dewy skin? Dabbing some concealer in a lighter shade than your skin tone along the centre of the face will add some definition and highlight your beautiful skin, not cover it up. If you suffer from discolouration or redness, try a green-tinted primer to counteract this.

Accentuate one thing

To really highlight your blemish-free skin, pick one element of your face to really accentuate. If you love long lashes, pile on the mascara; if a red lip is your thing, channel pin-up girl chic. To pull off these looks, clear skin is a must, so with your clear skin make the most of the opportunity to experiment with exciting new looks.

Experiment with hair styles

If our skin is playing with havoc with us, we can lose our sense of adventure and style when it comes to our hair. We get stuck in a rut. But if you’re lucky enough to have that glowing skin we’re all after, now’s the time to try something new. Whether that be Kardashian-style braids, bright colours like your favourite beauty bloggers, or keep it simple with a stylish ‘Lob’.

Treat your skin kindly

You might have excellent skin with a brilliant skincare routine to thank. But it’s incredibly easy to get lazy when your skin is playing ball. Remember to treat your skin with kindness regardless of how well you’re looking. A weekly facemask will rejuvenate your complexion, and the use of our anti-oxidant booster will add a layer of protection from external sources such as pollution.